Sample Projects

           •  Sandra Plaza Commercial Building - West
               Valley, Utah
                    - Storm Drain Analysis
                    - Right of Way Condemnation
           • US Bank - West Valley, Utah
                    - Right of Way Condemnation and UTA Light
                      Rail Impact
           • Draper Retail Center
                    - Right of Way Condemnation
                    - Site Impact Analysis
           • 40,000 Acre Property - Summit County
                    - Estate Apportionment
                    - Land Survey and Valuation
           • Taylor's Point - Taylorsville, Utah
                    - Right of Way Condemnation
                    - Storm Drain Analysis Analysis

           • Boundary Line Ownership Definition - Santa Ana              California
                    - Property Ownership Rights

           •  Pioneer Crossing I-15 Interchange - American                  Fork
                    - Storm Drain Analysis
Expert Witness Expet Witness

Infinity Consultants' expert witness staff generates reports, studies, evaluations, calculations, and exhibits for court cases, litigations, and arbitration. Also our use of computer graphics and before and after pictures provides a clear picture of your position. Our finite methods help demonstrate clear, concise, and simple explanations and define and isolate the issues. The findings provided by Infinity's Expert Witness team brings irrefutable evidence to your case. Infinity Consultants is comfortable performing in any environment from the courtroom to the boardroom. Our credentials and experience provide the expertise you need.

Pioneer Crossing
Lehi, Utah

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