Sample Projects

        • Hill Air Force Base
            - 250,000 cubic yards of material moved
            - Structural fill placement monitoring for                          roadways and building pads
         • Mike Weir Drive - Draper, Utah
            - Cut and fill materials testing
            - Utility trenching and roadway construction
            - 180,000 cubic yards of material moved

        • Booster Station and 5 Million Gallon Tank
            - Testing compaction and backfill of foundation
            - Oversaw slump test and cylinder breaking
          • Water Treatment Plant with 10 Million Gallons of              Storage Tanks                    
            - Testing compaction and backfill of foundations
            - Oversaw slump test and cylinder breaking for all                concrete
         • Stone Box Storage - West Jordan, Utah
            - Compaction testing and fill monitoring for                          foundations, slabs, and pavement areas
            - Retaining wall foundation soils testing
            - Utility trenches, road base concrete flatwork
               and curbing, and asphalt paving testing

Geotechnical EngineeringSteel Building

Infinity Consultants provides geotechnical engineering consulting services including pre-design site assessments and construction services. Our team of geotechnical engineering specialists collects field data, applies theoretical principals, considers practical experience, and provides cost effective alternatives to our client. Our objective is to provide your project with sound, practical, and buildable solutions. Our experienced team can troubleshoot construction challenges and manage and monitor construction excavation and soil preparation.

We also provide materials testing and laboratory services during the construction phase. Our field and laboratory technicians are supported by a team of professional geotechnical engineers. We provide:

      • Subsurface investigations
      • Design Recommendations and Technical Specifications
      • Foundations Design
      • Investigation of Settlement and Subsidence
      • Dewatering and Sub-Drainage Systems
      • Certified Design of Traditional and Alternative Septic Systems
      • Earth Dams, Impoundment Facilities and Embankments
      • Pavement Thickness Design
      • Ground Modification Techniques
      • Slope Stability Analysis
      • Percolation Testing
      • Underground storm water detention and infiltration
      • Global slope stability analysis
      • Field Boring Logs Analysis
      • Bouldered slopes and retaining walls
      • Site investigations for land development projects
      • Excavation volume calculations based on soil type, consolidation and swell
Boring Rig

Materials Testing
  • Procter Testing
  • Gradation
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Soil Classifications
  • In Place Density and Moisture Content
  • Concrete Air Entrainment
  • Concrete Slump
  • Asphalt Density
  • Falling Head Hydraulic Conductivity Test
  • Plasticity Limit
  • Excavation monitoring and management
  • Liquid Limit



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