Sample Projects

Storm Drains

        • Saratoga Heights Offsite Storm Drain Trunkline -
            Saratoga Heights, Utah
            - 54" to 48" : 8,700 ft.
         • 1500 West Storm Drain - Syracuse, Utah
            - 48" to 42" : 5,270 ft.
            - Open Channel : 5,920 ft.
            - 54" & 36" culverts
         • Pony Express Storm Drain - Draper, Utah
             - 30" to 18" : 5,705 ft.

Detention Basins

        • Bamberger Pond - Falcon Hill (HAFB)
            - Retrofit  22 ac-ft.
         • Suncrest, Pond 7A - Draper, Utah
             - 5 ac-ft.
         • Rock Creek Park Pond - Syracuse, Utah 
             - 6 ac-ft.

Highway Drainage

        • I-15 Auxiliary Lane Expansion, UDOT
            - Drainage retrofit design
         • Mountain View Corridor, UDOT
            - Redwood Road to 9000 South
            - Hydraulic Design                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Storm Water

Storm Drainage planning and engineering requires appropriate understanding and application of correct theory. The characteristics of drainage are based on the weather and topography of the land. Conveyances and detention systems are located and sized according to the application of correct engineering methodologies for the given situation. Our storm drainage engineering designs achieve the highest levels of efficiency in terms of:
      • Type, size, and configuration of Conveyance
      • Hydraulic Profiling
      • Outfall Design and Permitting
      • Construction Costs and Schedule
      • Water Quality Management
To maximize the efficiency and functionality of our storm water systems, we combine our computer modeling resources with our decades of practical system operation and construction experience. Whether we are designing a large diameter outfall line, master planning for an entire city, or designing a small detention basin, we assure that optimal solutions are achieved.


  • Modeling
  • Master Planning
  • Collection Networks
  • Storm Drain Retrofitting
  • Energy Dissipation
  • Detention/Retention Basins
  • Channel Design or Restoration
  • UPDES/NPDES Compliance
  • SWPPP/Erosion Control/Revegetation
  • Infiltration Analysis
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Site Grading

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