Sample Projects

Sewer Mains
       • Northeast Quadrant Sewer - Magna, Utah
                - 24" to 12" : 30,000 ft.
         • 4100 South Alliant Tech Outfall
                - 8" : 1,600 ft. : Ultrasonic Meter
         • 8590 West CDBG Sewer - Magna, UT
               - 10" & 8" : 2,697 ft.

         • Utah Data Center - Camp Williams, Utah
               - Feasibility Analysis and Predesign Master                       Plan 12" Outfall to SVSD


       • Magna Water Co., WWTP Headworks Upgrade

Lift Stations

       • Grantsville City, Amberwood Estates 
             - Local lift station with emergency storage
             - Self-cleaning low flow conveyance
        • South Davis Sewer District - The Grove
            - Low pressure individual pump system
Waste Water
Waste Water Construction

Infinity Consultants has a sound understanding and proficiency in the design of many wastewater collection elements. Our experienced and qualified team can handle large and small projects efficiently and effectively by combining our computer modeling resources with our decades of practical system operation and construction experience to assure that an optimal solution is achieved.

Regulatory requirements for sewer systems demand that the project be built to meet stringent standards for the protection of the public health. We ensure that the product constructed meets or exceeds all applicable standards from federal, state, and local agencies.


  • Modeling
  • Master Planning
  • Sewer Mains
  • Force Mains
  • Lift Stations
  • Treatment/Headworks
  • Rate Studies/Impact Fee Analysis
  • Waste System Management
  • Certified System Operators

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