Seismic Analysis & BIM Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is transforming the way engineers, architects, and builders collaborate. We fully implement the power of modeling software to predetermine the size, location and configuration of all our seismic elements.

Historically, the seismic for industrial MEP utilities has been analyzed and installed after the construction of MEP utilities. This installation sequence is expensive, slow, and sometimes dangerous.

Seismic elements should not be treated as an afterthought. They should be modeled as part of the MEP utility package. Our seismic elements are modeled concurrently with MEP utility design such that seismic installation and MEP construction is done in one step.

Infinity Consultants also provides industrial pipe modeling services. Our detailers have both pipefitting, mechanical, and electrical systems experience.


  • Seismic Bracing Modeling
  • Pipe Modeling (All MEP Utilities)
  • Seismic Engineering Analysis And Certification
  • Pre-Construction BIM Coordination
  • Retrofitting Design
  • Seismic Code Compliance
  • Installation Inspections
  • Cost Estimates
  • Specifications Creations
  • Industrial Low-Tolerance Survey Layout


  • Intel Micron Flash Technologies – Lehi, UT
  • Ebay Data Center Quicksilver – South Jordan, UT
  • Ebay Data Center Phase 3 – South Jordan, UT
  • University of Utah Life Science Building – Salt Lake City, UT
Electrical Systems, eBay Data Center